History of the Stud

Thistle Farm Ireland was formed by Jimmy Long who is an extremely successful entrepreneur in many fields and lives in Dubai with his wife and family. He originally outsourced his breeding empire to independent studs but got to a stage where the next step made sense and began a long term partnership with Andrew and Thomas Hughes, building the beautiful Thistle Farm which is situated in County Kilkenny.


Jimmy Longs march to the premier league of owning and winning with Thoroughbred racehorses is phenomenal and he competes and succeeds on a regular basis in numerous different countries.   On the continual path to success, Jimmy saw the need to cut out middle men and so called bloodstock experts who readily spent the enthusiastic owner’s money on horses of limited talent and quickly endorsed the horseman’s national anthem of BREED WITH THE BEST AND HOPE FOR THE BEST. 


With his partners, Jimmy Long is putting together extremely owner friendly schemes in the coming few years to give the people who love the industry a chance to see how it feels at the top for relatively small investment and these initiatives shall appear on this website. 


The racing arm of Thistle Farm Ireland is called Thistle Bloodstock Limited which is owned 100% by Jimmy Long and all the horses in training shall run under that banner.


The long term future of Thistle Farm Ireland is to compete at the highest level with the professionalism to succeed and excel in this industry.